Fighting For Our Seniors & Disabled Canadians

COVID-19 revealed what advocates for the elderly and disabled had been trying to raise awareness for: Canada has been leaving them behind. Despite having given their life to build this incredible nation, our most vulnerable citizens have been overlooked.

Despite wide criticism, the Liberals passed C-7, a bill that increases our elderly and disabled communities’ access to euthanasia. The Liberals put their needs aside and removed many of the safeguards in place that now make them more vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

A society that does not protect the disabled, the elderly, and the vulnerable is not a society that can call itself just or compassionate.

Tamara will fight for the rights of our elderly and disabled communities.

As a long-time advocate, she has been at the forefront of the fight for better palliative care. Prioritizing care and compassion over politics and convenience, she has been pushing for an approach that puts the value and worth of our elderly and disabled at the forefront.

About Tamara Jansen

Langley-native Tamara Jansen is a passionate community contributor who has fought her entire career for the people of Canada and their rights. Right now, she’s fighting for issues that are relevant not only to Cloverdale—Langley City, but to our entire nation as a whole. Canada is at a crossroads and our party is at the forefront, striving for a better future.

As our economy and our freedoms are being threatened, Tamara has been present to curb the crisis on behalf of the citizens of our city. She has been championing our community’s needs for the longest time and her friends and neighbours are witnesses to her passion and strength.

From speaking up in defence of the elderly and disabled to upholding the rights of the small business community, she has always been focused on advocating for a better future for our city. Throughout her accomplished career, and as a proud business owner herself, she has been singularly focused on fighting for a secure, thriving future for her community.

For over 30 years, Tamara and her husband Byron have worked together to build an agricultural business that provides jobs for hundreds of people and creates employment opportunities for thousands more.

From being brought up by a single mother to raising her own children—and now experiencing the joy of grandchildren—she is aware of the challenges that come with balancing work and family. With her incessant desire for our youth to achieve their dreams and goals, she’s always mindful that today’s new parents face more challenges than ever.

Tamara’s goal is to continue to bring her blend of strength and compassion to the House of Commons, to fight for her lifelong community, and to ensure a bright future for Cloverdale—Langley City.